Key and Peele Nooice XP Gain Sound Replacer

Key and Peele Nooice XP Gain Sound Replacer

1. Download and extract the .7z file
2. Copy “Nooice.ba2” into your “Data” folder in your Fallout 76 directory
3a. (If you already have “Fallout76Custom.ini” with “sResourceArchive2List”):
Add “Nooice.ba2” to “sResourceArchive2List”.
3b. (If you don’t have “Fallout76Custom.ini” or don’t have “sResourceArchive2List”)
Create a .ini file named “Fallout76Custom”, Copy the next part into “Fallout76Custom.ini”:
[Archive] sResourceArchive2List=SeventySix – 00UpdateMain.ba2, SeventySix – 01UpdateMain.ba2, SeventySix – 00UpdateStream.ba2, SeventySix – 01UpdateStream.ba2, SeventySix – 00UpdateTextures.ba2, SeventySix – 01UpdateTextures.ba2, SeventySix – MeshesExtra.ba2, SeventySix – GeneratedMeshes.ba2, SeventySix – 02UpdateMain.ba2, SeventySix – 03UpdateMain.ba2, SeventySix – 02UpdateStream.ba2, SeventySix – 03UpdateStream.ba2, SeventySix – 02UpdateTextures.ba2, SeventySix – 03UpdateTextures.ba2, Nooice.ba2

1. Delete “Nooice.ba2” from your “Data” folder
2. ????
3. Profit



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