ShowHealth Redux

ShowHealth Redux

I have attempted to contact the author multiple times to take over the mod, since he hasn’t updated in months, and he hasn’t responded to anything I have sent. The mod hasn’t been updated since January so I am starting a new page and continuing work on the mod and updates throughout the patches, since it appears the mod author has completely abandoned the mod and it is currently non-working. Credit goes to the original author, pepezoro, for creating the mod.

ShowHealth Redux simply shows target’s health and percent above the name bar.
Could be helpful to test weapon damage or monitor boss HP.

The ability to show actual hp value needs language support.
It will only shows hp percentage when playing with languages not in the list below.

English, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Russian, Spanish, Polish

Added a dash between percent and number to create an easier to identify separation.
Fixed for latest Fallout 76 patch – v1.1.5.4.

1. Extract ShowHealth.ba2 into “…\Fallout76\Data”
2. Create “…\Fallout76\Fallout76Custom.ini”, copy and paste the following two lines into Fallout76Custom.ini:
[Archive] SResourceArchiveList2 = ShowHealth.ba2

This mod modifies the hudmenu.swf file and will not be compatible with other mods that do so.
Future game updates to this file may need an update to this mod.



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