NOTE: This mod does not use sResourceArchive2List, it uses sResourceIndexFileList instead for faster loading.

1. Extract the contents from the zipped file to C:\Program Files (x86)\ Launcher\games\Fallout76\Data
2. Open Fallout76Custom.ini located at C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76
3. Add the name of the extracted file (Mappalachia.ba2), including the extension (.ba2), and a comma with a space before it at the end of the line with sResourceIndexFileList (You can find the line by pressing Ctrl+F and typing sResourceIndexFileList)
Example: sResourceIndexFileList = Fallout76Files.ba2, Mappalachia.ba2
4. Save the changes to Fallout76Custom.ini

If you don’t have Fallout76Custom.ini then copy Fallout76.ini and rename the copy to Fallout76Custom.ini

When the game gets updated

1. Launch the updated game
2. Quit the game
3. Open Fallout76.ini located at C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\My Games\Fallout 76
4. Copy the line with sResourceArchive2List
5. Open Fallout76Custom.ini
6. Highlight all of the sResourceArchive2List line except for any mods you might have added and paste the new line over it
7. Save changes to Fallout76Custom.ini



Download mod

File File size
rar Mappalachia 63 MB

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